Bayls Ultra 7000 Ultrasonic Cleaner

What you are viewing is a magnificent ultrasonic cleaner, which has a digital timer with 5 different time settings. You can use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean and remove paint from your airbrush needles and other apparatus. We recommend you to use our sea clean concentrate for use with ultrasonic cleaners. Key Features * Inner Basket * Accessories Holders * Tarnish Removal Cloth * Large 750ml Stainless Steel Tank



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Caribbean Gem Banana & Coconut Oil Jewellery Cleaner Safe for All Jewellery with Dipping Basket and Brush 120 ml (4 oz) Jar.

Caribbean Gem Banana & Coconut Oil Jewellery Cleaner Safe for All Jewellery with Dipping Basket and Brush 120 ml (4 oz) Jar.

Caribbean Gem Jewellery Cleaner made from Banana & Coconut Oil
Safe for All Jewellery – No Ammonia, Non-Toxic. Cleans all types of jewellery.
120 ml (4 oz.) Jar Jewellery Cleaner with Dipping Basket and Jewellery Brush
Jewellery Care Guide
A non-toxic easy to use jewellery cleaning system made using natural ingredients, suitable for all jewellery both fashion and fine, guaranteed to bring your jewellery back to life, using a blend of banana and coconut oils, the solution brings sparkle back to All gems, stones, metals and fashion jewellery. Use the jewellery cleaner full strength, no mixing required.
Simple Directions for use: Soak – Remove – Rinse – Wipe dry with cloth.
Step 1 ~ Using the Caribbean Gem Jewellery Cleaner
To Use simply soak your jewellery in the Caribbean Gem jewellery cleaner, rinse with water and dry. Use the Jewellery Brush to remove stubborn buildup under prongs, diamonds and gem stones. Safe for All Jewellery including Opals, Pearls, and Fashion Jewellery. Every order is sent with our Jewellery Cleaner Care Guide which gives detailed instructions on cleaning. Repeat cleaning as often as desired or needed.
Step 2 ~ Using the Polishing Cream Scratch & Tarnish Remover (Optional and sold separately)
To Use, apply Caribbean Gem Scratch and Tarnish Remover paste to a soft cloth, buff metals until scratches and or tarnish are gone, for best results repeat about once a month or whenever you notice your precious metals are getting dull and scratched.
Caribbean Gem Jewellery Cleaner (the pink liquid) is not a scratch or tarnish remover. You can find our Polishing Cream by doing an Amazon search for "Caribbean Gem Ultra Jewellery Cleaning Kit", which includes the polishing cream or by searching "Caribbean Gem 60 ml (2 oz.) Polishing Cream and Tarnish Remover".

Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate (8 Oz)

Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate (8 Oz)

Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate 8 Oz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is a concentrated liquid that you mix with water to clean jewelry in jewelry cleaning machines and ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines. This special, non-toxic jewelry cleaner concentrate is for all types of cleaning machines! There are easy to use directions and a small amount will give you numerous uses. Try an 8 Oz. bottle today, or the goliath 1 Gallon bottle. Safe, non-toxic…this stuff works well as a refill for almost any jewelry cleaning machine. The advantages of this product are entirely up to you. This clear concentrate has a pleasant odor and smell, and won’t harm your eyes, hands, body or pets! It can be used as a dip, in a machine, a spray bottle, and it can even remove some stains from clothing! Use this cleaner on gold, platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot and other non-porous precious and semi-precious gem jewelry! Available in 1 gallon or 8 fl. oz. Blitz Stock #654 gallon 10:1 Blitz Stock #653 8 fl. oz. 5:1 Safe, non-toxic, and easy to use!